The Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL) ranks among France’s top five universities. Established in 1971, UCBL constitutes a multidisciplinary university, with research ranging from basic sciences, such as mathematics and theoretical physics, to applied research such as health and engineering. The research is conducted by more than 3,500 specialists (faculty members and research staff, PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, engineers, technicians).

The computer science department (UFR Informatique) of University of Claude Bernard Lyon 1 leads the research and education in the field of ICT including inter alia mobile applications development. The three major computer science laboratories in Lyon are attached to this department. The laboratory of Data processing in Image and Information systems (LIRIS, http://liris.cnrs.fr) is a CNRS (Centre National de Recherche Scientifique) computer science laboratory specialising in information systems and computer graphics. Several members of the department are involved in the development of mobile software, mobile cloud services and mobile games. The Laboratory provides university and training programs in mobile applications to meet up-to-date training needs of students and professionals in the field. In the training programs provided by the University, students learn best practice in browser−based and packaged apps, distribution to app stores and cross−platform application development. Learners acquire specialised developer knowledge and the technical skill set needed to succeed as professional mobile app designers and developers. The training programs in mobile application development provide a high level of applied knowledge of mobile app design & development as well as application management. In a field that relies on ever−changing technologies, mobile app development demands up−to−the−minute knowledge, and UCBL makes this a priority as students navigate real−world app design and development challenges. UCBL has also launched a small-scale training programme which leads to a professional license in mobile applications development.

UCBL is Vet4Apps project coordinator.

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