GIP FCIP de Basse Normandie is a specific structure of the head office of state education in Lower Normandy. It is a R&D department which develops projects on several topics connected to:

  • social responsibility of organizations
  • training design and delivery

GIP FCIP de Basse Normandie provides tailored learning pathways for blue and white collar workers and job seekers in various fields: construction, engineering, healthcare, hospitality, office work, business, foreign languages, core skills, career and occupational guidance

GIP FCIP has recognized expertise in the development of EU and international projects under several programs: ESF, ERDF, Interreg, LLP,Erasmus plus and is currently involved as partner or lead-partner of 6 Erasmus plus key action – 2 projects.

GIP-FCIP also has expertise in the field of digital learning as it runs the learning management systems for the GRETA network (French public lifelong learning agency). Over the years, GIP-FCIP has developed tailor-made distance learning materials on a variety of themes (cooking, learning languages, job seeking) using innovative technologies. It also provides guidelines and training sessions to helps trainers and agencies from Lower Normandy to upskill using ICT’s in teaching.

Project contacts: